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McCracken evaluates Mexican AT-402B spray pattern

Spray Patter

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When most people hear the name Chihuahua, they think of the smallest breed of dog. However, Chihuahua is a state in Mexico with a colorful history of Spanish, French and American occupation. The region of Cuauhtémoc is a beautiful open plain famous for apple production and more recently the production of corn utilizing the latest technology complete with irrigation and agricultural aircraft for the control of pests and diseases. It is the third largest city of the state at an altitude of over 6400 ft MSL and is located 103 km (64 mi) west of the state capital. Most of the modern farming is conducted in various Mennonite colonies surrounding the city.

This report deals with a technical visit to calibrate an AT-402B, sold by Lane Aviation and to determine the optimum settings for the ASC Rotary Atomizers supplied by Encap-it. A number of flight tests were made to evaluate the droplet spectrum with emphasis on obtaining a narrow droplet spectrum with a minimum of very small droplets that could be lost to drift and also a minimum of large droplets that result in poor crop coverage.

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