Miccar Aerial Ltd. Crop Spraying in Yorkton, Saskatchewan


Ground vs. Aerial

In the 2015 season we participated in a Ground Vs. Aerial trial to determine if one is better than the other.  The product applied was Prosaro on wheat, two applications were made with a ground rig.  One at 12 us/gal per acre and one at 15 us/gal per acre to compare the two ground application rates.  The aircraft made one application at 2 us/gal per acre.  A 200’ + check strip was left between the ground applications and the aerial application.  The results confirmed that the aircraft is capable of achieving the same results at significantly lower water volumes compared to the ground rig.  The aerial yield actually averaged 1 bu/ac higher than the ground rig in this particular trial.  This solidifies our statement that we can do an equal if not better job with an aircraft with lower water volumes using rotary atomizers calibrated to ensure adequate coverage.  Please see trial photos and results below.

Above: Aerial photo of trial field a few weeks from harvest.  Note the difference in color between sprayed and unsprayed wheat.

Above: Left - ground rig yield, Middle - unsprayed check, Right - aerial yield.

Above: View from the combine between sprayed and unsparyed parts of the field.

Above: Yield results at harvest. 

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